Episode #20 Shred the Stress!

Today's podcast is amazing! We have Lyndsey Van Sickle on the podcast to teach and speak to us about How we can shred the stress in all areas of our life! Bio: Lyndsey Van Sickle, is a certified, burn-out speaker. She knows what it is to live under immense pressure and sees how the stresses of our day block productivity and passion. Her keynotes are hands-on and focus on life’s unsaid’s, the real cause of burnout, to get professionals back to their original passions. Lyndsey is the author of The Black Book. She serves on the board of the National Speakers Association, Mountain West Chapter. She is a passionate wife, and mama to four, with a love for speaking and outdoor adventures with her family. She has a dog named Cubby who is really more of a rug than a dog. Lyndseyv.com IG: Lyndseyv_ Facebook: Lyndsey V Mention or Recommend: The Black Book https://lyndseyv.com/shop/ Coupon code for 20%: SHREDTHELIES