Its a choice when we fall down, to rise up, to learn to Fly, SOAR, and as a result to have Freedom and new results with more confidence, better connection with others and ourselves, and greater communication!

Talia Riley

Hi, I'm Talia!


Your Connected, Confident, Communcation Coach! 

The 3 C's to Success

I am here to help you have better connection with yourself and others, more confidence in your business and personal life and better communication skills at work and at home!


Hello, I am Talia Riley. I am the wife of TJ of 25 years and mother to 4 amazing children. My story starts as a young girl.  Coming from a family and extended family that struggled with different forms of addiction.  Food became my best friend at a young age.  That's what I turned to when I was happy, sad, lonely, scared, you name it.  I gained and lost 80 lbs 5 times in my life. I endured 10 pregnancies to get our 4 children ages 20-4.  Because of my weight gain and infertility journey I lacked confidence in myself and my relationships to connect, have confidence, and communicate with others.

This is why Talia is passionate about sharing her keynote "The 4 commitments of confident communication!"

Talia is a board member on the National Speakers Association, A Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Trainer, Online course creator, & SOAR Mindset Coach. 

Not only did Talia gain and lose 80 lbs 5 times in her life, Talia has completed 2 marathons, 7 half marathons, and many triathlon's.  She desires to do an Ironman.....

"She believed she could, and she did!"   

Talia, believes in herself, and she believes in you as an individual, and business professional so that you can SOAR!




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Talia is an enthusiastic, humorous, authentic speaker. Her stories and message will have you laughing and crying with her as she relates to people in all stages in life.  If you are looking for an excellent keynote speaker, retreat presenter, community, youth, or business event, she is the one for you!!
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Talia is exceptional with 1-on-1 mentoring, Group Coaching, Group trainings, Online courses, & Keynotes.  Feel free to contact her, to see which one is right for you!


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