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About Talia

Most would describe Talia as a mother to 4 amazing kids 18 to 3.  A wife to Tj of 25 years, And a passionate, enthusiastic speaker. Those that know her say she took the stage as a young girl and feels most comfortable speaking to large groups of people.  She authentically loves others, especially parents, individuals, and teens who are in the thick of life and want to learn skills to be more confident, greater connection, and better communication skills. This is a topic and message she started speaking on years ago, when teaching at Weight Watchers and has only gotten better and funnier in time.  

Talia is unique, authentic, and real.  She is relatable to all as she uses story and humor to entertain and teach her audience.  She is positive, and she naturally speaks in a way that motivates change, love, and desire for growth.  If you are looking for an incredible, comical, uplifting presentation or message, Please contact Talia!