Do you want to escape chaos in your life? Do you want to feel better in your relationships, and do you want to move forward with your goals

but aren't sure how?

I'm Talia I have helped people for the last 10 years with their weight struggles and thoughts, and these tools help with growth in all areas of your life! I can help you move forward, have more confidence, and better connection to SOAR!



Do you feel confined by choas in your life?  Do you want to have clarity more connection, and better communication?  If so, fly with me... Let's Soar in 2024!

Join SOAR in 2024


Do you want to move forward in your life and let go of feeling confined by chaos?  How would you feel if you could learn the tools of clarity, connection, and confidence so you can fly.... and then SOAR to freedom in your life?    How would that feel? 

Im in! I want to SOAR

Imagine if you could SOAR in 2024!

  • What if you could have more clarity in you life?
  • Imagine having better relationships with yourself and others...
  • What if you could believe in yourself, have confidence, and greater connection..
  • Are you ready to rise, fly, and learn to SOAR to have new results?


Monthly membership to SOAR in 2024

The first three Thursdays of each month from 1-2 pm MST we mastermind different areas in our life to help us SOAR.

1st Thursday teaching call on the topic of the month

2nd Thursday A high profile keynote speaker and webinar on the topic

3rd Thursday a group coaching call to create clarity, connection, and effective communication to SOAR!


True Identity & Goal Setting

We invite you to join us for a teaching call on this topic to help you understand your true identity and goal setting. We are thrilled to invite our guest speaker Ashlee Stratton for a live webinar on Goals, and a group coaching call.  All Mentoring is on Thursdays from 1-2 pm MST. With a Bonus Marriage and Relationship class the 4th Thursday of the month! You are also invited to join our private facebook group!

Monthly Keynote Speaker!

Ashlee Stratton is a highly requested, award-winning motivational speaker who gets results. With a background in performance, she powerfully shares her goal-setting, habit stacking and get-results tools to help women create a life they love. From her training from one of the Top Ten Motivational Speakers in the world, Ashlee engages AND entertains her audience as they learn life-changing skills. As a Certified Speaker through Connie Sokol DTL Speakers Academy and through her Global Leadership Training, Ashlee knows how to motivate an audience to action. Guest Speaker Ashlee also guest-hosted a podcast series with high profile guests on ‚ÄúPurpose Filled Life‚ÄĚ and is an engaging emcee for women and private networking events. She has recently interviewed over 100 ‚Äúmompreneurs‚ÄĚ on how to pursue your goals without sacrificing what‚Äôs most important and is working on a book to share her findings. Off the stage, Ashlee is a wife to her best friend Rob, and a mother of 4 children. When she isn‚Äôt mothering or speaking, you‚Äôll find her playing pickleball, baking something yummy, reading, or spending time outdoors with her family.¬†


Creating Healthy Relationships

Monthly Keynote Speaker!

Liz is more than an inspirational speaker; she has centered her life around improving this world through her words and actions. As an author, speaker, podcast host, and more, she utilizes her voice to empower and elevate others. Alongside her husband of nearly 31 years, Liz serves as the event coordinator for Utah's largest natural health and wellness conference. This platform allows her to share critical knowledge with the community so they can take charge of their health. Liz lives by the motto, "Live Life Today to Bless Others Tomorrow." She and her husband have raised 6 beautiful, successful children. Liz is committed to making the most of each moment and using her life to serve a greater purpose.



 Healthy Habits/ Habit Stacking

Monthly Keynote Speaker!

Jenny Layton

Jenny Layton is a leading time management and organization expert, mindset coach, and the creator of the Life Organized podcast. Her signature systems and programs have helped thousands organize their lives, reducing clutter and overwhelm so her clients can make space for what matters most. Jenny’s media appearances include KUTV’s Fresh Living, KSL’s Studio 5, ABC’s Good Things Utah, and Fox’s The Place. She continues to speak and share her message in an effort to help people organize a life they love. You can learn more and receive free resources to organize your life at




Mental & Emotional Health

Life Shredder: Showing up in a shut down world 
Lyndsey V, is a certified speaker. She knows what it is to live under immense pressure and sees how the stresses of our day block productivity and passion. Her programs are hands-on and focus on the real cause of burnout, to get professionals back to their original passions. Lyndsey is the author of The Black Book. She serves on the board of the National Speakers Association, Mountain West Chapter. She is a master graduate of Rapport Leadership.  She is a passionate wife, and mama to four, with a love for speaking and outdoor adventures with her family. 
By the end of this session you will know how to: 
¬†‚Āɬ†Show up engaged¬†
¬†‚Āɬ†Have consistent productivity¬†
¬†‚Āɬ†Gain clarity to feel more yourself and¬†
¬†‚Āɬ†Reduce stress



Physical Health

¬†Lorin is an emotionally intelligent leader with over 15 years of training and experience in leadership. Most of his leadership experience comes from the military. That is where he developed a passion for emotionally intelligent leadership. He saw the need across the military and businesses for great leadership. Through his passion and research, he found emotional intelligence to be the #1 factor in great leadership. He wrote about this in his Master‚Äôs Thesis called, ‚ÄúGrowing A Leader: Effective Implementation Of Leadership Training In The Workplace.‚ÄĚ Lorin wants to share this knowledge and experience to develop strong emotionally intelligent leaders that energize others to do good.


Spiritual Health

Stacy Harmer is a Certified Life and Holistic Health Coach and graduate from The Life Coach School and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.¬† She is a Raw Food Chef and an Emotional Release Facilitator.¬† She has her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Brigham Young University in Family Science and Education. She is a wife, mother of 8 children and 5 darling grandchildren.¬† She loves to help women heal, discover their gifts and strengths, and create the life of their dreams. She is the founder of the Vibrant Living Academy ‚Äď a community focused on individuals healing their bodies, hearts, minds and souls, discovering their purpose and passion and sharing their unique gifts with the world.¬† She is the creator of several transformational coaching programs and loves to combine her love of travel and nature with transformational health and wellness retreats.¬† Stacy is a speaker, trainer and the author of 7 Steps to Vibrant Living ‚Äď You Deserve to Find Joy Now and has a mission to spread these principles to the world!



Organizational Systems

Monthly Keynote Speaker

Erin Boyle

Erin Boyle is wife to Brad, and mom to 4 amazing children. She has a gift with organization and teaching simple systems in homes that help running a home and family a little easier. Many families and individuals she has helped have benefited in many ways including feeling peace, less stress, and simplicity in their homes. Erin is an exceptional mother, friend and example to all because everything she teaches she uses in her own life and home.



Physical Environment

Angela Ingo-HSR certified Redesigner and Interior Stylist, teaches you how to makeover your own space starting with what you have! With 20 years of experience she makes it fun and so doable to create spaces you love-in ONE day!



Marriage & Relationships

Leesa Gray

Leesa is a Truth Alignment Coach and the founder of Think and Grow Healthy. She is enthusiastic about living a life of love and truth, and is passionate when it comes to learning, growing, and changing! She loves educating others on the divine gift the body is. As well as assisting them in elevating the body, heart, mind, and spirit toward a celestial state. Her life experience has gifted her with the deep desire to assist others in their own healing journey inward, where freedom awaits. She helps couples unite in love. So they can experience freedom and truth to be who they individually and innately are. Without the fear and pain of judgment and rejection.
Leesa teaches how simple it can be in creating a life of love, happiness, and freedom. Freedom from all confining thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Leesa believes we are the creator in every aspect of our life! And that opportunities to expand and grow are endless. We are powerful beings and our potential for growth is exponential. When we align with our inner truth we radiate a force so powerful that it elevates everything and everyone around us. Her certifications include: Fly Practioner, Nutrition Advisor, Foot Zonologist, and Holistic Health Coach. Each have empowered her with the tools to help turn agency as a super power!  

Vision Boards & Manifestations

Monthly Keynote Speaker!¬†Kristi Corless has 4 beautiful children ages 13, 14, 18 and 21. And 1 amazing supportive husband. She struggled with infertility(endometriosis), adopted 2 children, then 1 came through invitro and 1 the "old fashioned" way after finding natural answers to her challenges.¬†She realized her purpose and mission was to help others find natural healing solutions too. She has been sharing and educating through the vehicle of dŇćTERRA, with their unparalleled products for over 12 years. She has 13 years experience and 10 certifications in alternative healing methods including foot, back, face, and hand zoning. Access bars, Reiki, Bones I, Bones II(deep emotional releasing) the Aromatouch back technique. She's a certified Life coach. She¬† created her own technique called "Instant Release," and the "illumination method". She has an intuitive ability to lead people through guided meditations, visualizations or conversations & communicate those messages that are exactly what they need to hear to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, reconnect deeper to their true self and higher power to shine their light brighter than ever before, and live their true purpose with more vision, confidence and clarity. She is passionate about assisting others in developing their gifts and reminding¬† that the answers are all within. "Be still, listen, meditate, then act. We are not alone, always remember your Angels and Higher power are all around to help you! Your success is Inevitable!"



Amanda Powell

Amanda is a Certified Financial Coach from Ramsey Solutions, who went from having $68 in her bank account to being debt-free and having $50K in the bank within two years. She has spent hours studying and applying principles found in the scriptures about abundance. Amanda understands God's law of abundance and believes that every individual can step into an abundant life by partnering with God. Her mission is to help individuals achieve financial freedom through understanding their relationship with money, knowing what it means to be prosperous, and developing sound financial strategies. Amanda’s desire is for all people to experience true abundance- not just financially but also personally, spiritually, and professionally 



Dream Life Vision

Talia is a Speaker, Author, Podcaster, wife, and mother of four who loves to empower others to live their life purpose.  Through her inspiring story of gaining and losing 80 lbs. 5 times, enduring 10 pregnancies to get her 4 kids ranging from 19-4, She knows how to create a dream life vision.  Are you ready to SOAR in 2024?  Let Talia teach you how to rise, fly, and SOAR!


Monthly Marriage & Family Bonus Classes

Krystal McCort

Krystal is the Founder and CEO of Bryght Synergy Works, LLC. She loves helping couples to understand how to more effectively communicate using a revolutionary concept called a Marriage Constitution. Krystal is excited to teach you a framework for how you can clearly communicate with your spouse. Come along and join her in the journey to make love, unity and synergy with your Marriage Constitution.

Angela Meyers

Angela is an amazing speaker with many topics to help children, families, and relationships. Some topics include The Power Seconds:Change your Words, Change Your Relationships From Couch Potatoes to Hardworking, Responsible Kids! Creating a Positive Home Where Respect and Love Flourish, Conflict May Be Inevitable but Contention is a Choice: Family Dynamics: Control, Agency and Family CouncilsLearn actionable skills, such as how to transfer responsibilities from parent to child at appropriate ages and how to make sure each family member feels they have a voice in family councils, in order to decrease power struggles and contention and increase cooperation in the home.



Is SOAR in 2024 Membership For You?

  • Do you feel confined by choas in your life?
  • Do you struggle with your relationships with others or yourself....
  • Do you feel called to do something more... Do you desire to SOAR...
  • Do you want to have clarity, greater connections,¬† more confidence, and better communication?

    What is offered with SOAR in 2024 

  • 4 Thursdays a month 1-2 MST
  • 1st Thursday of the month teaching call on the topic of the month.¬† To learn to the topic and implement during the month.
  • ¬†2nd Thursday of each month webinar & Keynote Speaker of the month on the related monthly topic. YAHOO!
  • 3rd Thursday of the month group coaching call on the topic of the month to collaborate, learn and grow!
  • 4th Thursday of the month Kyrstal McCort will offer an extra bonus marriage and family relationship class!
  • Private Facebook Group to SOAR in 2024
  • Community of like minded people so we can SOAR in 2024!
  • And Best of all 8 unique Masterclasses to help you uplevel your life, and business!!

Hello! I am Talia Riley

Talia Riley is a Motivational Keynote speaker, Board member of the National Speaking Association, Mountain West Chapter and author of The Food Freedom Factors:  33 tips to free yourself and feel true joy and SOAR for More an Inspirational Journal to heal, let go, and feel Joy!
She is wife to TJ (of 25 years), an Author, Podcaster, and Media personality who is passionate about sharing her powerful transformational story and weight loss journey, and her struggle with infertility.
Talia is the mother of four children 20 to 4, and has an incredible message of faith, hope, and love that is inspiring to all. And most importantly an empowering message to SOAR to freedom in your life.

"Talia has been amazing to work with.  Her coaching has helped me with my carrier, marriage & health goals.  The journaling portion of her program has also helped me to gain valuable insights." Melissa
"Talia is super intuitive and really cares about others.  I felt really important and focused on in our coaching calls and she really helped me gain a different outlook and perspective on some specific things i was working through.  she's been a great support and I know would be for anyone truly wanting help to change."  Nellie
"Talia is a marvelous mentor.  She is a very Intune with my needs and yearns to help me become the best version of myself that I can under her tutelage.  she believes in me in a way that allows me to empower and embolden myself. Talia has helped me learn how to process what goes on in my head and how to find health and healing from all life throws to me.  She has been a true angel in my life! Krystal

SOAR in 2024 

Payment Plan Includes 8 Masterclasses & SOAR in 2024 Coaching Program


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